Oil Pulling using Cold Pressed Oils

Oil Pulling with Cold Pressed Oils-Benefits & How to do

What is Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling with Coconut & Sesame Oil

Oil Pulling is an ancient ayurvedic kriya which is used for deep cleaning your mouth for keeping it disease free. It is also a process of detoxification and helps in maintaining a good oral hygiene.
It is a natural alternative to using chemical based mouth washes which have harmful effects over the long term and may cause altered taste sensation.
According to Ayurveda, It mainly involves two kriyas Or processes :

Gandusha :This involves filling your mouth with oil and holding it for around 10 to 15 minutes.

Kavala :This process involves filling the mouth with a relatively smaller quantity of oil and swishing it for 3 to 4 minutes and then spitting it out.

When to do Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is usually done early in the morning on an empty stomach. This action supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health.

Which Oils can be used for Oil pulling

Oils that are used for oil pulling should be cold pressed oils which are pure, natural and chemical free. Avoid using refined oils which are easily available in the market.
Refined oils are stripped off it’s Micronutrients during it’s manufacturing process and are less effective if used for oil pulling. Refined oils also contain harmful chemicals which may cause harm to your mouth so ensure that you use a natural chemical free oil. 

Oil Pulling can be done using the below oils

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil :The fatty acids in coconut oil possess antibacterial properties which are good for oral health. Coconut Oil is also antimicrobial and anti inflammatory in nature. The antiseptic properties of coconut oil makes it a even more effective.
Sesame Oil
Sesame Oil: Sesame oil possesses anti inflammatory and antifungal properties and works very effectively against bacteria. Sesame oil is believed to help fight anxiety  and boost mood. 
Sunflower Oil :Effectively works against plaque and other bacteria in the mouth.
Oil pulling can be done with any of the above three oils but according to Ayurveda Sesame Oil is recommended to reduce dryness of mouth and to reduce inflammation.

How does Oil pulling work?

The way oil pulling works is simple — when you swish the oil around your mouth, the bacteria get swept away and dissolve in the liquid oil. It effectively pulls out the bacteria and any toxins in the mouth.

Benefits of Oil Pulling :

Kills harmful bacteria in your mouth

Our mouth consists of good as well as bad bacteria which cause tooth decay, bleeding gums and other problems. Oil pulling helps in getting rid of these bad bacteria.

Helps reduce bad breath

Oil pulling effectively works on the bad breath causing bacteria and gives is fresh breath that lasts long.

Helps prevent cavities

Regular oil pulling kills the tooth decay causing micro organisms and prevents cavities.
Improves gum health and reduces inflammation. Healthy gums are an indication of good oral hygiene. Inflammation in the mouth may lead to bleeding gums causing bad breath. Oil pulling helps in maintaining gum health. 

Natural remedy to whiten teeth

Oil pulling helps in whitening of the teeth as it deep cleans the mouth and teeth removing all the plaque effectively.


Oil pulling helps in detoxification by destroying the harmful bacteria and preventing it from entering the stomach which may cause health complications. Thus maintains the overall well being of an individual.

4 simple steps to do oil pulling:

Step 1 :First thing in the morning before consumption of any food or water measure one tablespoon of oil, such as coconut, sesame and pour it the mouth. 
Step 2 :Swish it around in your mouth for 15–20 minutes, being careful not to swallow any. Move it around your mouth and through your teeth.
Step 3 :Towards the end you may notice the mixture in your mouth starts be coming thicker as toxins are pulled out from you body.
Step 4 :Then spit the oil into a trash can once you’re done. Avoid spitting it into the sink or toilet, as this can cause a buildup of oil, which may lead to clogging. Rinse your mouth well using water before eating or drinking anything.

How often can you do Oil Pulling?

In the beginning you can start with swishing for just 5 minutes and then increase the duration until you’re able to do it for a full 15–20 minutes. You can do oil pulling 3 to 4 times a week.
You can do it daily first thing in the morning too. The purpose of oil pulling is get rid of toxins that are soluble in oil which in turn would help in healing wide range of diseases. 

Can you eat & drink water after oil pulling?

Yes you can immediately drink water and water after  oil pulling. Just brush and rinse normally before drinking water.

Oil pulling is a natural technique to get rid of bacteria which may cause tooth decay and bad breath. If you are allergic with a particular oil then do not use that oil for oil pulling. You may try some other alternative. 


Balanced Diet

9 Steps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is often misunderstood by most as they feel it’s only about eating right and exercising to be healthy. But in reality healthy lifestyle encompasses eating the right food, exercising regularly and also being emotionally and mentally fit.

So lets check the 9 steps for a healthy lifestyle :

Balanced Diet1.Balanced Diet

We are what we eat so choosing the right food in your daily diet is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.  We have been taught the importance of balanced diet from school times but do we really incorporate it in our day to day routine?
A balanced diet means eating the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fatsthat along with Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Including a lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits in the daily diet along with healthy oils.
The three major things that a consumed every day in Indian households are Milk, Oil Salt and Sugar.
So selection of these three ingredients is very important. Let understand each Ingredient in detail.


Milk and dairy items should be chosen rightly as there is lot of processing that goes on in the dairy industry that may be detrimental to the health. Having Desi Cow milk from a trusted source is a great option as desi cow milk contains A2 protein which is better than the A1 protein found in genetically mutated cows.


We get good fats from oils so it is very important to choose the right oil. Cold pressed or wood pressed oils made using the ancient wood pressing method are the best source of these good fats. Oils should be used based on your location, season and culture. Also it is good to change your oil each month so that you get a variety of nutrients.Cold pressed groundnut oil, cold pressed safflower oil, cold pressed sunflower oil, cold pressed mustard oil and cold pressed coconut oil and cold pressed flaxseed oil are the commonly used oils which are good for health.


Salt is an essential nutrient needed by our body. It is found that rock salt is an healthier option to the regular table salt. Table salt is highly refined and processed form of salt. Rock salt or Himalayan pink salt contains lesser sodium and additional nutrients so it maintains good respiratory health and helps controlling blood pressure. Recommended salt intake is one teaspoon per day per person.


While choosing sugar ensure that you select the minimally processed and natural form of sugar. The regular white sugar is processed using sulphur to remove the impurities from sugar crystals. Natural brown sugar is a healthier option to white sugar as it is the made from the first crystallization of cane juice to sugar crystals. It is processed in a complete natural way so the minerals and nutrients are intact.
Apart from this it is necessary to have fruits and vegetables daily.

2. Avoid processed food

Processed foods are bad for health as they contain added chemicals, preservatives and sweeteners which are harmful for health. They contain high amount of salt which may lead to high blood pressure and heart diseases.

3.Drink sufficient water

We often neglect drinking the required amount of water each day. Water is essential for literally all the body functions and metabolism. Water is responsible for purification of our body. It is necessary to dring atleast 2 to 3 litres of water each day for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

4.Daily exercise

Including physical fitness in the daily regime is as important as the diet that we eat. Daily exercise should include a minimum of 30 mins of physical activity like brisk walking, jogging, some sort of sport or even yoga.

5.Get sufficient sleep

Getting sufficient sleep is an essential part of healthy routine. Sleep can vary from person to person but it is necessary to sleep for 7 to 9 hours a day. A good sleep helps in increasing focus, loose weight and improve your overall health.

6. Stop smoking and drinking

Smoking is not only harmful for the person smoking but also for the people around as it may lead to serious respiratory issues as well as lead to cancer. Excessive Alcohol consumption may lead to complications related to liver, heart and even more fatal diseases.


Daily meditation is very much essential for emotional well being of a person. It helps in relaxing the mind and body and helps achieve inner peace. Daily meditation of 10 to 15 mins can help in increasing focus and concentration.

8. Bring positivity in life

Being positive means thinking good in any situation. A positive attitude is very important for being mentally strong.

9. Avoid overthinking

Healthy lifestyle as we know is also about mental well being. And mental well being is strongly connected to our minds. Sometimes we get different thoughts back to back and we get entangled in them as we simply keep. Jumping from one thought to another without having any control on our mind. This leads to overthinking and we simply keep thinking without taking any action. Overthinking may lead to depression, stress and fatigue which may affect the mental state of mind. This in turn affects our life and has many negative impacts. So avoid overthinking in all ways. If you feel that you mind is wandering freely and it’s leading to overthinking just get involved in some physical activity or try to divert your mind to something else.
To maintain a healthy lifestyle one has to have a holistic approach towards well being. The 9 steps that we saw above will surely help us balance our lifestyle better and help us lead a quality life.
What are Cold Pressed Oils

What are Cold Pressed Oils and how are they different from refined oils

What are Cold Pressed Oils..?

Cold pressed oils are oils that are made using wood pressing technique at a low temperature of 35 deg celcius. Cold pressed oils made using wood pressing are called as wood pressed oils.

The machinery used for extracting oil is known as wooden churner or Ghani or kolhu or Chekku.

Wood pressed oils are a type of cold pressed oils but they are the best Or number one quality in cold pressed oils..

Let’s understand what are cold pressed oils and how they are different from refined oils.

Wood pressed oils (Cold Pressed Oils) are made using the ancient technique of wood pressing. In this method there is a wooden drum and a wood pestle.

Cold Pressed Oils can also be made on metal expeller machines. But in this blog we are mainly focusing on wood pressed oils.

Oil seeds (Groundnuts, sesame, almonds etc) are put in the wooden drum and pressed using a wooden pestle.

The drum rotates at a very slow speed of 14 rpm so the seeds are pressed at an ambient temperature of 37 deg Celcius.

Also since both drum and pestle are made of wood, it does not allow the temperature to rise.

Wooden Ghani-Cold Pressed Oil Machine

Hence the oil that is extracted is truly cold pressed.

In ancient times, oil seeds used to be put in the drum and seeds were pressed by rotation of pestle using a bull. The pestle used to be tied to the bull and the bull used to move around the drum thus pressing the seeds to extract oil.

Today the bull is replaced by a electric motor but the principle remains the same as the drum rotates slowly at 14 rpm.

As the oils extracted using wooden churner are truly cold pressed and no heat is applied in the process, the nutrients in oil remain intact and hence these oils are very healthy to consume.

After oils are extracted they are filtered naturally using a sieve and left for settlement in a container for 4 to 5 days. Post this they are ready to consume.

Cold Pressed Oil

Cold Pressed Oil

Remember that this process is completely natural and no chemicals or preservatives added during the process making these oils extremely beneficial for health.

Appearance wise cold pressed oils look dull and viscous. They have slight sedimentation at the bottom. They don’t look shiny. They do not have consistent colour. Each batch of oil may differ in colour as they are natural.





What are Refined Oils and how are they different from Cold Pressed Oils

The attractive oils that you see at the super markets which are shiny and cost cheap are nothing but refined oils.

Refined oils are made using solvent extraction process in which the oil is subjected to heating,

Refined oil manufacturing involves addition of acids, treating with solvents and alkali, heating the oil at higher temperatures and bleaching the oil to make them look attractive. Just by reading the above words you get an idea of how harmful this oil must be. Imagine seeing this process of refined oil manufacturing.

Also the important aspect of refined oils is that they are adulterated by mixing harmful oils like palm oil, cotton seed oil in equal quantity to make them cost effective. Palm oil contains high content saturated fats which causes the LDL or bad cholesterol to rise leading to heart diseases.

People buy refined oils as they cost cheaper. But you should understand why they are cheap. They are sold cheap since they are adulterated and contain harmful fillers.

On the contrary wood pressed or cold pressed oils are bit costly (I would not say they are costly but rightly priced) as they are pure and have no fillers. Just to understand why wood pressed oils are costly lets take an example of peanut oil.

For making one litre of peanut oil we need 2.5kg of peanuts so the cost of peanut oil is more then refined peanut oil.

But any thing that comes cheap is not always beneficial for health so switching to cold pressed oils is a better option to avoid  health problems in the long run.

Lets Check what are the benefits of Cold Pressed Oils

Nutrient Rich

As cold pressed oils are made at lower temperatures and not subjected to heat hence they are rich in nutrients. As compared to this refined oils are subjected to higher temperatures while extraction which takes away all it’s nutrients.

Natural Oils

Cold pressed oils are natural oils and have no chemicals  and preservatives added to them so they are completely natural. On the contrary refined oils are subjected to heating, bleaching, distillation, and hydrogenation hence making them extremely unhealthy.


Cold pressed oils are pure and have nothing mixed in them. Like sunflower oil will contain only oil made from sunflower seeds. Refined oils contain other oils like argemone oil cotton seed oil or oil mixed with them. Consumption of refined oil causes rise in level of trans fat in the body leading to heart ailments.

So next time whenever you see these shiny oils aka refined oils in the market, do not get attracted by them and stop their use immediately.

If you feel cold pressed oils are costly just think of the high hospital bills one needs to pay in the future due to the harm caused by these refined oils.


Hope this blog has helped you understand what are wood pressed oils and how they are different from refined oils. In further blogs we shall dive more deep into wood pressed oils.